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Retail Design

As a design consultant with Mancini Enterprises and a lead design consultant with FRDC, I worked on the design and implementation of retail brand stores and duty-free retail.

Amrapali | Chennai, India

Amrapali is a retail brand with branches across the globe. This flagship store was designed to emulate the experience of being within the inner sanctum of the temple.  The dark finishes and narrow beams of light, put the spotlight on the jewelry and the customers who tried them on. The walls carry images of celebrities who donned the Amrapali jewelry on the red carpet and heightens the allure of the jewelry. The customer experience surveys revealed that a vast majority of customers felt valued by the brand while shopping because of the ambience and interactions with the salesperson.

Credits: Mancini Enterprises, Amrapali, Amethyst

Amethyst Room | Chennai, India

The Amethyst room is a boutique where the clients sourced collections from designers from across the globe to cater to the unique taste of their customers. This first of its kind store in the city was designed to display apparel, jewelry and accessories to suit the style of the designer. The Amethyst Room’s ambience and versatility was appreciated by customers and the clients which led to the opening of another branch of the boutique in the city to meet the customers and designers growing demand for this store format.

Credits: Mancini Enterprises, The Amethyst Room

Delhi Duty Free | New Delhi, India

Delhi Duty Free (DDF) needed a facelift to position itself as a premium duty free store, competing with other successful international duty frees in Asia- Dubai and Singapore. The space was designed to reflect New Delhi and its opulence with the use of white and gold – contemporary meets tradition. Over 30,000 square feet of space was strategically designed with customer touch points along the journey to allow customers to experience the best products that DDF had to offer. DDF has won several accolades for excellent customer experience and sustainability practices.

Credits: Future Research Design Company, Delhi Duty Free, GMR 

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