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As a co-founder at The Better Design Foundation, Classmill and Packamatic, I designed and built the ventures and developing the product and the user experiences. 

LearnStation | Furniture

At The Better Design Foundation, the core element of the Better Classroom project was the active furniture designed with and for students to promote collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication and participation among them. The many features of the LearnStation- height adjustable seats to cater to students of different heights, swivel seat to promote collaboration and easy movement and fidgeting, bag storage to create more walking space in the room, and a table top that converts to a removable white board to promote communication and creativity- were developed with students through a process of prototyping and testing multiple iterations. The materials of steel and compressed Tetra-Pak boards ensure the sustainability of the product.

Credits: The Better Design Foundation

Classmill | Digital 

Classmill was developed to curate digital textbooks with different media- images, videos, documents, links and text- that is already freely available online such as youtube, vimeo, slideshare, etc. After testing Classmill, we recognized through user feedback that there was an apetite for institutions that wanted to adopt the platform leading to a customized version of Classmill that is used exclusively by institutions on a subscription basis while the free version continues to be available as a free online tool.


Packamatic | Digital

Packamatic stemmed from my passion for packaging as and the e-commerce boom in 2015 in India led to the design of an online automatic packaging delivery service. The initial version of the product interested several international Etsy brands that were looking for customized packaging in small quantities to suit their needs. Packamatic utilized 80% recycled paper for the packaging and sticker and screen printing for the boxes. The identification of the right suppliers, marketing and setting the right price made this venture successful in catering to over 15 brands in its first 3 months of operations. 


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