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As an Architect, I worked with Mancini Enterprises on the design and implementation of a variety of residential and commercial projects in South India.

The Folly | Chennai, India

The Folly is a multifunctional space that can be utilized for exhibitions, pop-up retail, and events. The clerestory windows provide indirect light and the walls made of glass panels in wooden frames can be opened or closed entirely with moving wall panels to transform for purpose. The outhouse has been a popular venue for several events including book launches, fashion shows, weddings, and art exhibitions.

Credits: Mancini Enterprises, Amethyst Cafe

Private Pool | Coimbatore, India

The private pool for the clients was near their dwelling and surrounded by dense foliage. Mounds of sand and rough rocks of irregular sizes arise from the pool to blend to create a smooth, gradual transition between the garden and the pool. The canopies of the palm trees create some shade for the pool during the warm summers and mimic the experience of being in an oasis in the forest.

Credits: Mancini Enterprises, Amethyst Cafe

Residence | Chennai, India

The private house for the client was designed as a weekend getaway, near the coast. The utilitarian spaces such as the bedrooms and kitchen on the ground floor are smaller and rest areas such as the living room and bathroom are large. The living room on the first floor has double-height space and makes room for a library and workspace on the mezzanine floor. The large windows on opposite sides allow cross ventilation through the building, keeping it cool during the warm summers. The art and furniture stand out in the backdrop of the grey cement plastered walls.


Credits: Mancini Enterprises

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