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Academic Work

I joined the MBA programme at the University of Oxford to explore new trajectories for learning and working.

Global Opportunities and Threats - Systems Thinking 

As part of the Climate research area, my team worked on understanding the food system's complexity, particularly around the Coffee system in Ethiopia. Through desk research and interviews with researchers and stakeholders, we built a systems map and a stakeholder map that allowed us to understand the challenged and existing interventions in this space to then be able to reframe the problem and identify that there is a need to connect these interventions to multiply their combined effects.  

Credits: GOTO5, Saïd Business School '21-'22

Entrepreneurship Project - Carma

Carma was conceptualized as a tracker app for carbon-conscious individuals for the present and a tool to facilitate individual carbon accounting in the future. Beyond the creation of the product itself, the project was an opportunity to understand how to build something together. Carma was pitched to a panel of investors as part of the school's process and scored the highest in the cohort.

Credits: EP67, Saïd Business School '21-'22

United Nations Development Programme - Innovation Team

During my 6 month MBA internship as an Innovation Intern working with the Knowledge and Innovation team of UNDP's Regional Bureau of Europe and Central Asia, I co-developed this knowledge product to showcase a new approach to development - the portfolio approach. Through this process I had the opportunity to learn from several colleagues about their work that goes against the grain- challenging siloed structures and linear thinking, to adopt a systems lens in addressing complex challenges. I joined this team after the internship and continue to work as a portfolio designer with a focus on community engagement. 

Credits: UNDP 

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