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At The Better Design Foundation and FRDC,  extensive user research and customer research were conducted to derive insights that informed the design.

Learning Environments | User Research

The Better Classroms were developed with a research process that involved active participation and co-design with stakeholders. The design workshop facilitated a space for students to work with images, drawings and physical models to communicate their preferences. The activities enabled students to communicate what they disliked and articulated reasons that uncovered valuable insights that informed the design decisions. 

Credits: The Better Design Foundation, Avikant Bhardwaj, Future Research Design Company

Reopening Schools | Service Design

Schools in India remained closed through the pandemic and public schools had limited teaching time with students due to a lack of digital access. The Better Design Foundation was commissioned to provide a proposal for the re-opening of schools as the number of COVID-19 cases began to decline in India. The research project involved interviews with parents, students, teachers and school administrators to consider their concerns and needs in the design process.

Credits: The Better Design Foundation

Visioning Workshop | Fortune 500 Company

A Fortune 500 Company wanted to build a new retail experience for customers around their product line, to include services that utilized their product line to promote higher visibilty and access to their products. The visioning process involved 3 research groups - the internal stakeholders/team, a focus group with the 4 customer segments and a city-wise interview-based research with over 650 respondants across the 4 customer segments. The visioning session enabled the team to find alignment between what different customer segments were looking for in a retail format, value added services that they would prefer and willingness to pay for the services and curated products that would be sold.

Credits: FRDC

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